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Price Manor the house that burns - Mike Salt [review]

Price Manor: the house that burns 

by Mike Salt

"Action, heart, humor, and horror abound in this fast-paced story, and the ending sets it up perfectly for a future installment." - Michael Goodwin (author of How good it feels to burn and Smolder)
"I love a good haunted house story but this one, and this series, is much more than that and I can't wait to see what comes next." - Miguel Goncalves (author of The last testament of Crighton Sythe)
"The word "haunted" is really not describing enough. I think the most appropriate word would be HELL!" - Valentina the spooky mum
"Honesty, this in now my favourite Mike Salt book and you all know how I adore that creepy bastard!" - myhauntedlibrary
"This is my third Mike Salt book , and the through line seems to be his ability to make it hard to put these stories down... this one is pedal to the metal from the very beginning." - connor_matthews_books

Great expectations in Price Manor [review]

Price manor the house that burns mike salt cover
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A brand new horror serie from the Deadline Horror Collective starring the craziest cursed house of all time. 
I’m enthusiast to welcome you all in Price Manor… 
In the first installment of the Price Manor series, Mike Salt conjures a grisly tale of love, loss and buildings that shouldn't be... 
As a wildfire rips through Steelhead, a small group flees the blaze - only to discover a mansion with dark walls in the wake of the fire, a mansion that wasn't there before. 
Soon, they'll discover that the evils of this house are far more dangerous than anything that burns outside.

A truly original and terrifying story, whose chapters frantically follow each other in a crescendo of anxiety and despair, totally satisfied expectations but definitely not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia!
The plot behind the whole story is amazing, enriched by several original and brilliant ideas that I cannot name for fear of spoilers but that I have never seen before.

It’s the first of three, grab your copy now, get lost in the corridors of Price Manor…

About Mike Salt [the author]

Mike Salt was born once... But then immediately raised by wolves. He spent the majority of his childhood fighting to survive in the forest. Cold. Alone. Mike learned English by snatching various paperbacks from campsites and off hikers. He is feral. He is in need of a bath. Don't trust him. But read his work. It's fine. It's fine.

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